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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Temporary losses never mind; Do you still don't mind when it is measured in terms of years???

Temporary but just that it is in the unit of Years!

We still never mind?


  1. CW,

    An excellent Emperor has no clothes post!

    Little lies we tell ourselves...

    Just keep moving the goal posts and all will be well.


    Isn't this is what some is complaining about bid daddy's promises?

    1. For the younger ones who may not know of possible outcome of just temporary losses.

      My late father-in-law held quite a number of just temporary losses to his grave; but still not so bad news for his sons. Somehow these temporary losses magically turned into little profits for his sons.

    2. CW,

      OK, sometimes we need to see the bright side of things...

      Buy a stock for $10, under water for 20 years, pass over to children, and 5 years later, the children will declare long term investing works when they sold their inheritance for $11 ;)

      Even better when the stock got give out regular panadols!?

  2. Of course mind... But reality is cruel. Face it now, next time become more intelligent, just a little bit more also can!

    1. Ya. We speak the truth. Reality is cruel in the stock market.

      Hope that younger ones may come to mind.

      In reality, investing is not year on year compounding gains with up, up, and away. Over future market, somehow, no matter how smart, how careful, how prudent and even with insider domain knowledge we still may make a few bad re-investing errors.

      If the mistakes made are too big. There we go. Our money works for free.


  3. Different age, different generation, different experiences, different mindset! We were young before! Old must accept young and young must respect old. Most times, it does not happen.

    It's ok to be young n make mistakes. Most scary is they not only make mistakes themselves but teach more to make more mistakes! Worst of all, after mistakes, they think is bad luck and do not admit.

    I know u r referring to who with insider domain... Turn left turn right.. Who huh... Insider is first to fall and hardest.

    Diversity and shrieked ur balls! I learnt! Tks

    :-) I m optimist


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