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Monday, 20 October 2014

Warren Buffett just lost $1B on this

Warren Buffett does not like to lose money in general, so losing $1 billion before lunch on a Monday morning can not be going down well.

The plunge in IBM shares Monday after its weak earnings results cost the Oracle of Omaha dearly.

The stock fell $15.05 at the open, and Buffett held about 70.2 million shares as of June 30, according to the most recent SEC filings.

That means the sharp decline cost him $1.06 billion—a drop in the Berkshire Hathaway bucket, to be sure, but still noteworthy.

In April, after a prior weak earnings report, Buffett told CNBC he had not "soured" on IBM, that he had bought more stock this year and that he had not sold a share.
The stock was recently the third-largest holding in Buffett's portfolio, trailing only Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola.


  1. How to feel good when you sit on paper losses?

    Quote this article.

    You see Warren Buffet also has paper losses!


  2. This goes to show, he is only human.

    Also a lesson for us all, do not be disheartened by our paper losses as even the Gurus having facing the same paper losses problems from time to time.

  3. $1B paper lost for WB? Chicken lah.

    He has $50B cash on hand and ready to deploy when the tie is right. He said he is waiting for the Fat Ptich to swing.

  4. i lost touch about WB (very rarely i pay attention on articles about him). All the while i thought WB doesn't like to invest in technological companies since dot com days.

    1. Why Warren Buffett Keeps Buying IBM

  5. Down $2.5B this week, IBM & Coke add to Buffett's woes


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