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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Meet your favorite local financial Influencers live! (3)

Read? Meet your favorite local financial Influencers live! (2)

Update as on 1: 50 pm, 19 Oct 14, Sunday

80% SOLD within a week!

Uncle8888's friendly advice. 

Don't think too much whether your time schedule permits or not. 

Buy first! Think later.

There can be ONLY one way to zero.

Uncle8888 is supporting Roland in his effort to organize this event so Uncle8888's readers will get 50% off list price (during early bird period).

17th January 2015,
12:30pm to 5:50pm

NTUC Auditorium

Discount code for Uncle8888's readers! 


$8 only!

BTW, Uncle8888 bought three tickets to go with left and right investment kaki bodyguard.


  1. Look like Early Birds Discount is irrelevant now.

    Late birds are denied entry. LOL!

    1. Support you. Bought 2 tickets.

      This one don't need planning? Buy first then think later. LOL

    2. Yalor. We must not get into this habit of planning for everything. LOL!

      Thank you!

  2. Uncle CW8888,

    SMOL faster than you (maybe younger). I use his code to buy discounted price on the day he posted. Go or not, decide on the day! Even no go, treat it as reward for organizer and speaker and promoter like you.

    Good or lousy life depends on good or bad decisions. But sometimes bad decisions better than no decision.

    Still learning to be a pig in office! Haha


    1. Thank you supporting Roland.

      Promoter like me is just helping him.

      Unexpectedly it is such good result just by promotion on blog posts.

      Think it may be zero advertising cost as promoters are not paid or given free tickets.

      Cost saving goes to attendees. Clap for yourself.


    2. Rolf,

      Just to put the record straight ;)

      1) CW was the FIRST to post his support to Roland and us speakers. Even BEFORE blur sotong speaker like me was aware it's "live" and we can start blogging about the event!!!???

      I remember thinking to myself... Maybe Roland is the front and CW the invisible hand? LOL!

      2) The FIRST ticket sale I've been told is from CW's blog post.

      So, CW poom bi bi is the man!

  3. Wow! The real snake oil man characteristic of CW8888 is coming out liao! Hope to see you there... ;-)

  4. Same same but different! To me it is the same, just that this one we do it out of our heart

  5. Wa! I donno got this event!
    So how now? No more tickets? ...
    Can buy standing ticket or not, Roland? :(


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