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Saturday, 11 October 2014

SembCorp Industries: My 12 Years Story!!!

Uncle8888 has noticed the recent excitement over SCI initiated by one local blogger and his followers. 

He smiles widely. He has been right for 12 years!!!

Look at his yield on cost for being right and hold:

But, before any newbies get too carry away over the recent excitement over SCI and asking what is the fair value of SCI?

Is $5 or $4.80?

Let Uncle8888 showed you his 12 years story in SCI. 

No 1: Study this chart carefully by clicking on it to make it full screen size.

Ask yourself.

Can History repeat itself?

Do you have emotional and financial strength to take this roller coaster ride?

It may drop to $3.X!

Is 3% yield p.a. as Panadol for easing your headache or heartache good enough?

No 2: Look at Uncle8888's Round 53 play in SCI.

His long-term investing for yield can be very boring so he gets his excitement by doing short-term trading.

Read?  Semb Corp: Round 54 Akan Datang???

In Round 53, he thought that it was an opportunity for a short play @ $5.24; but it took 444 days just to get out with 4.1% gain. Luckily, he knew how and when to get out at $5.49 when the opportunity came back; otherwise, he will be seeing Red and taking 15 cents dividend in May 2015 as Panadol.

Get it wrong. It can be that long!

If you are newbie to SCI, you may like to re-read this post again?

Mai play play and get too excited. 

You may not have that emotional and financial muscles to play play hor.

Since DOW is down with -155 points on last Friday he may have chance to play Round 54 on Monday when SMS alert arrived at his mobile phone.



  1. Round 54 is short term trade? Sell at 5.50?

  2. I missed the oct2011 chance. My mistake was that i wanted to buy <3. It never come.

    Will never miss the opportunity when it come again. This time the fire power is bigger. Lol. 😃

  3. Even the Wise billionaire stated,

    "It's better to be APPROXIMATELY RIGHT

    than Exactly Wrong".

    Controlling emotion NOT to wish for lowest price may be more crucial

    than missing the boat entirely.


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