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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Stocks too risky for this businessman

Just For Thinking ...

invest, thesundytimes, Sep 29

"My dad tried out stocks in 1990s and got burnt during Asian financial crisis," he recalled.

"About a decade later, my elder brother lost money too when the recent global financial crisis hit the market."

Read? The truths behind the ideas of making money in the stock market.


Until you have your 3M's in place, stocks are too risky for you.

Don't ever hoot tua tua and average down. Sure win when market turns???


  1. If you want the least effort and biggest reward then just invest minimal $1 for Singapore Toto $3 million tomorrow (30 Sep'13).

  2. Even in Singapore Toto if you hoot tua tua it will not guarantee you that $3 million prize. Don't believe? Then try Sys 12 for twelve numbers (of your choice or system generated) which costs you $462 (just a fraction of the $3 million prize).

  3. Me is long-term ToTo investor and still waiting for mega-bagger :-(

  4. Don't ever hoot tua tua and average down. Sure win when market turns???

    Ya lol! i always think why i didn't and dared not do the above only after the market recovers.
    This reminds me of Stanley Ho's father who was once amongst the rich of HK until he " hoot tua tua ".

    1. Assets allocation my friend, asset allocation.
      And what's WB NO.1 rule before any others?


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