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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Sunday 29 September 2013

3M's - Method, Money, Mind (5)

Read? 3M's - Method, Money, Mind (4)

Mind: The ring that rules them all! - SMOL

Now, let Uncle8888 shares this story ....

One version of this Taoist Story

One day a man was standing at the edge of a pool at the bottom of a huge waterfall when he saw an old man being tossed about in the turbulent water. He ran to rescue, but before he got there, the old man had climbed out onto the bank and was walking alone, singing to himself.

The man was astonished and rushed up to the old man, questioning him about the secret of his survival. The old man said that it was nothing special. "I began to learn while very young, and grew up practising it.

Now, I'm certain of success. I go down with the water and come up with the water. I follow it and forget myself. The only reason I survive is because I don't struggle the water's superior power."

Read? Master the Art of Formless Form - The Greatest of All Kung Fu in Investing

To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all. - Johann Wolfgang

Same like 3M's - Method, Money, and Mind.

To act as one thinks on his/her 3M's is even more difficult as one M is likely be in conflict with other Ms  - Createwealth8888

Like the old man in the Taoist story, he keeps on learning and practising until he is certain of success, and then he forget himself and just follow the flow of the water.

The market is like the water. Don't ever struggle against it if you want to survive.


  1. CW,

    In a philosophical mood this Sunday morning?


    1. Wet morning after a sudden heavy rain. Everyone afraid to do laundry and hanging out clothes to dry. Weather so hot in the afternoon. The weather is something more or less behaves like the stock market. l wonder what will the weatherman says of tomorrow ...

  2. Ha! Ha!
    No one can go against the Market. If you do, sooner or later you will be swallowed by the Market.
    But then if everyone is selling and i am buying, am i going against the market?
    A Paradox isn't it?

    Actually, i think (through my observation & experience only) when the Market is selling at even a very low historical Pe, there is very little buying.
    i think most people have used up their reserved money buying earlier or too frightened to buy further.
    i was and will always be one of them.


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