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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Scrutinise financial investment seminars too

Published September 24, 2013


NOWADAYS, there are many advertisements in the daily papers inviting the public to attend free financial investment seminars. Besides the print media, this message is purveyed via e-mail, flyers, phone messages, investment fairs, etc. These are similar to the invitation to attend free property investment seminars highlighted in the front-page report, "Property investment seminars on CEA radar" (BT, Sept 23).

Invariably, these "free" investment seminars are only appetisers to tempt and entice the public to sign up for the full seminar which is usually held over the weekend at an exorbitant price that can run into a few thousand dollars.

Like property investment seminars, speakers at these financial investment seminars make bold claims that their secret proprietary techniques can make the trader rich in a very short span of time. Using mainly technical analysis (TA), they claim that their methods are very simple and one only needs to be able to follow the "buy" signals and the "sell" signals to know when and what to buy and sell.

One seminar even claimed that one need not have any knowledge of computers and software: a ruler is all that is needed. They even have indicators named after them. As anyone with a smattering of TA will know, indicators are based mainly on the past history of prices and are known as "lagging" indicators. Using TA to predict the future can be likened to making forecasts by reading the tea leaves left in a tea cup.


CW8888's comment

Sometime, we just need to exercise some common sense and benchmark the "Gurus"'s investment or trading return against the world best investors and avoid been too gullible.

When the "Gurus" are beating the world best investors, do you think they still need to make money from course fees?

Read? It is cheap for obvious reason.

World's best investors and their CAGR

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