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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why Millionaire Investors are mostly from properties and not stocks?

Just For Thinking ...

Read? Millionaire Investor

Listen carefully to what Warren Buffet said in that video when Richard Holland thanked him. That is the answer why few stock investors can become millionaire.

Do you know that answer?

After Post add on:

Comment by RayNg:

"Market is here to serve you, not to instruct you" Warren Buffett said. So we shall use market cycle as investment strategy.
Hope that the chart may be helpful for us


  1. He didn't sell.
    Most stock investors trigger happy will sell.

    But that is only if you have selected a good business with a sustainable moat. People who blur blur hold any stock will not do well.

    However, people who blur blur hold any property in Singapore will do well. Though that period is quite lengthy.. maybe 20yrs..

    Anyway, I still stick to diversified portfolio. Jack of all trades, master of none.

    But I really do hope you will have a good course on your investing strategy! I will keep watch on your blog daily since you say you are going LIVE for trade! :p ..

    1. I think buy and hold strategy does not work in for the last 20 years. If we look at last 20 years of STI, it has few cycle:

      Year / Peak | Year / Trough | Delta
      1. Jan1996; 2449 | Aug1998; 856 | -65%
      2. Dec1999; 2479 | Aug2003; 1281 | -48%
      3. Oct2007; 3805 | Feb2009; 1594 | -58%

      If one is lucky enough to buy the stocks at very low point, then it is wise to hold on for long term. Just like CW8888 bought KepCorp during 2001 @~$1(cool).

      If you 'unfortunately' bought the stock near peak and when market dive south, you may lose ~57% in paper lost if you stick to buy and hold strategy.

      "Market is here to serve you, not to instruct you" Warren Buffett said. So we shall use market cycle as investment strategy.

    2. Agreed with Ray.

      Over long term, it is still market timing that really counts. We must control emotions and avoid buying near market top at least based on some historical patterns so no regret even we are proven wrong as we have done our home-work.

      BTW, I have add on chart for STI major data points since 1990 for easy reference

  2. zhun bo live on trades. Waiting patiently ....

  3. Invest 20K and grow it to 2 millionare in 4 year!


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