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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Path to Financial Freedom for the Young ones???

Just For Thinking ....

Here is Uncle8888's advice to young ones including his own children.

The path to financial freedom for young ones shouldn't be the first path that you put in their body and soul into stock market and hoping to reach financial freedom via stock market.

You should at first put your energy and effort to attempt to climb the Corporate Ladder and get promoted under fast track. If you can succeed in doing that, your path to Financial Freedom is almost there with your $XXX,XXX or $X,XXX,XXX annual salary package and with some financial common sense on saving and simple investment strategies to beat inflation.

Your accumulated wealth over the years will be enormous.

However, the truth to climbing Corporate Ladder ...

Read? Climbing your investing or corporate ladder?

BUT, not EVERYBODY will succeed!!!

Therefore, after X or XX years of putting your energy and efforts into climbing Corporate Ladder and soon you realise that climbing Corporate Ladder is getting far too difficult for you.

It is about time for you to switch gear into climbing the Investment Ladder. By now, you should have accumulated fairly large account size.

In investing, account size really matters!

Read? Does Your Account Size Matter? - Part 3


  1. When you are young, You work for Money;
    When you are Old, let the Money Works for You.

    Yes, go the U and obtain a good academic result and start building your career. Best is to become 打工王帝。Earn your top dollar and save; travel oversea on business trip, have fun with colleagues, vendors and customers, etc.

  2. Must buy a hdb flat or private property while you are young and able.

  3. There is no guarantee scholars will be successful in investing. If you google WB. he can tell you why. In fact he thinks most of them are not suitable to invest in the stock markets. Why?


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