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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Surprising thin toilet rolls!

Just For Laugh ....

Read? Not Fishing (17 - 21 Nov 12)

These hotels at Hainan are really good at cost cutting including saving on toilet rolls. It is just enough paper for two persons for one time business per person.

Hotel guests No Diarrhea Please!

Surprising even four-star hotel that I stayed in HaiKou is also doing that.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, we faced the same problem when we were touring "CHIU CHAI KOU". i always needed to go to their service/reception counters to ask for more toilet rolls.
    There were other worst cost cutting actions like the bus air-condition always cut-off most of the time (80% of the time) by setting the control temperature @ or near outside bus temperature. Imagine how stuffy & stale the the air inside the bus after a while. i brought it out to the local tour guide and finally to the bus driver himself. The driver answer that it's alright for him as he let in fresh air at his driving cabin. i could tell you all this because there are updating monitor display of outside temp., inside bus temp and the humidity inside the bus.
    By the way. outside temp. varies from 24 degree to 19 degree
    And all the restaurants and hotels switch off their air-condition as out side room temperature is about 19 to 24 degree. We had to open the windows but the windows can only open very slightly as designed for 4 seasons country. Imagine how many nights we suffered loss of sleep.
    I tell myself never to visit CHINA again unless necessary.
    But my experience in Peking's hotels seemed to be O. K.
    The last straw was i bought some beers and store in the mini-fridge in the hotel's room, after i figured how to turn on the fridge. When i came back after the day tour, i found the mini-fridge was turn off. i really regret tipping them for their "professional services".


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