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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Is life sometime cruel to the innocent (naive, kiasi) when come to investment? (3)

Read? Is life sometime cruel to the innocent (naive, kiasi) when come to investment? (2)

Uncle8888 is right!

It is more like the founders smelling the blood of more and more naive and kiasu investors seeing how earlier investors boosting of their high return from their investment.

Late comers become kiasu and jump in???

This investment scheme then evolves into Ponzi???

Then blame who???

Uncle8888 read this somewhere:

A late entrant to the Gold bar scheme

Mr. Chan (not his real name) advised his wife to stay way from the Genneva Gold scheme. She did.
After a year, the wife got angry with Mr. Chan because her friends invested in Genneva Gold and received their monthly payout and also the buyback payments. They were making a good return.

The wife decided to ignore Mr. Chan. Her family joined her to put in all of their savings into the scheme, and to make up for the lost time. Genneva Gold was raided by by authority six months later, and all their savings got stuck. Mrs. Chan and her family do not know if they will get back their investments and gold bars.

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