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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Muddy Waters likens Olam to Enron, says likely to fail

Createweath8888's comment

Can Olam survive in Muddy Water???

Yes. Unless Olam is that Catfish with three poisonous sharp thorns to poke anyone trying to catch fish in muddy water.

SINGAPORE: A US research firm on Tuesday said Singapore-based farm commodities supplier Olam International faced a "significant risk" of default and likened it to failed energy trader Enron Corp.

Muddy Waters LLC released a scathing 133-page report on Olam despite a lawsuit filed against it by the company, which reported a turnover of S$15.73 billion ($12.30 billion) in its last financial year ending June 30.

"We value Olam on a liquidation basis because we believe its value is less than its debt, and that it is at significant risk of defaulting on its obligations," the report said.

"In the event of bankruptcy, our recovery model shows that recoverable assets for unsecured creditors of Olam would likely be 45.8 cents to the dollar."
Muddy Waters likened Olam to Enron, saying they used similar accounting techniques to value gains.

Enron collapsed in spectacular fashion in 2001 amid wide-ranging government and congressional probes into its accounting practices in one of the biggest scandals in US corporate history.
"We believe that the single biggest factor in Enron's collapse was its use of accounting techniques similar to Olam's value gains," the report said.
"Both companies appear to have tried to scale their trading businesses too far and too fast, which resulted in substantial cash burns."

In a statement, Olam said it had been informed of the Muddy Waters report.

"Olam will assess the report and respond appropriately in due course," it said.

Olam last week sued Muddy Waters and its founder Carson Block at the Singapore High Court, citing "slander, libel and/or malicious falsehood".

Block, an influential short-seller, had told an investment conference in London earlier that Olam could collapse due to its debt load and other factors.

Muddy Waters has said it will "vigorously" defend itself against the lawsuit, issuing Tuesday's report after the lawsuit was launched.

Shares of Olam closed 6.0 percent lower on Tuesday after the report was released.

Olam sources 44 products from 65 countries and supplies them to more than 11,600 customers. Key products include cocoa, coffee, cashew, sesame, rice, and cotton and wood products.

- AFP/de

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