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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Retirement Income for Life??? (3)

Read? Retirement Income for Life??? (2)

Investing income for life

How do you view the money coming from the stock market?
Money as chunks of wealth???

Money as streams of income???

Money as streams of income???

You are income investors. You are also likely to be interested in S-REITs as possible sources of streams of income.

Come Monday, you can easily join them if you are interested too.

Joining them?

Read? S-REITs;

Read? REITData

Hey! Wait a minute. I am lagging in this knowledge and want to learn more!

No problem!!!

Plenty of S-REIT or income investing bloggers here. 

Visit? The Finance

Visit? Investment Bloggers based in Singapore.

Money as chunks of wealth???

Sorry! Come Monday. You don't even have slight chance of smelling it.

That is the way mother nature of stock market works for chunks of wealth. It is only available to growth dividend investors who have these two great attributes in long-term investing for wealth:


Delay gratification is a must!

Bad news!!!

Come Monday. You can't possibly be one of them. You can't even find enough blogs to read and learn more.

When Uncle8888 combs Singapore finance and investment blogs daily and sometime even hourly; the number of bloggers advocating stock market as chunks of wealth is becoming endangered species like Singapore babies.

The greatest investment reward comes to those who by good luck or good sense find the occasional company that over the years can grow in sales and profits far more than industry as a whole.
- Phillip A Fisher
I don't want a lot of good investments; I want a few outstanding ones.
- Phillip A Fisher

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1 comment:

  1. The problem with human being is, it is very difficult to think beyond your age. Alright! Alright! Even you can think far into the future your brain can not feel what it is like as you have no real experience of an a man who has lived till 65. So can we say the same for a 65 year-old? Ha! Ha!
    Retirement income for life?


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