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Friday 20 July 2012

Too Many "Kind" Investment "GurU" giving back to the Society!!!

Read? Does attending investment course really help?

Listen carefully to audio: Another "Kind" "Guru" helping people to become Rich. Who? You or him?

In the History .... we have ....

W.D. Gann is one of the most famous traders of all time, and has a huge devoted following - however the fact is, Gann never made the huge profits many of his disciples claim.

He did not have a success rate of 90%, as is often claimed - the logic his methods are based upon are unsound, and his predictive methods don't predict - they leave everything to subjective opinion!

Many sources quote Gann's trading profits at $50 million dollars, however this is not true.

An interview that Alexander Elder had with his son tells the truth.

Firstly, his son confirmed that when his father died in the 1950s his estate was valued at just $100,000 - and that included his house.

Secondly, his son confirmed that Gann was unable to make enough money from trading, and therefore supplemented his income by writing and selling courses.


So far, I have face-to-face conversation with three people who have attended these training courses:

A: ChartWhatEverMakeMoney

B: Make10,000PeopleMillionaireDreamWho?You?Me?

C: Two courses - BankruptBecameMillionaireUCanDoItToo? and ChartWhatEverMakeMoney

Do they have superior trading performance after that? When the trainees can't perform, it is always their faults as they don't seem to understand while there are many testimonals of those who can.


For newbies, it is good to attend those basic course teaching you how to read financial statements will be better and it is so much cheaper.


  1. CW,

    When I was a facilitator in my previous company, I suggested to our HR to do the course testimonial survey not right after the course, but 6 months AFTER it.

    Right after any course its like after attending any prosperity church session mah. Sugar rush!

    The result was within my expectations - you'll be lucky if more than 5% replied they still remembered what they were taught and more importantly, have applied it to their daily work!

    Ar be then!?

    We have taken courses and workshops ourselves right? Don't say 6 months. 2 weeks back into the daily grind of the job we would have forgotten everything!


    HR kicked me out (they need to fulfill KPIs mah), but they liked and respect me a lot after that. I became their regular 友情客串 facilitator ;)

    I very proud. One of the few non-ang moh who can tell ang moh "wah kali gong" ;)

    1. Investing and trading which involves strict discipline and understanding our own emotions to strategize with the Method should be even more difficult than skill training courses at our workplace.



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