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Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to become rich in stocks??? (11)

How to become rich in stocks??? (10)

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How long will 8-10% return P.A. take to make us rich when we are NOT already rich?

Be realistic. Do the Maths. Work out the answer for yourself!

It is going to take damn long to become rich.  Right?

By then we are ....

Got plenty of money but no energy to enjoy it!!!

Does it worth your effort and patience???

Then how????

To become rich from stocks when still younger, we must make Abnormal Return!!!

Some will call it Luck!

Some will call it Patience!

Some will call it Gut!

We can call it whatever we like!

But, we shall never deny this fact of life: We all reap what we sow!

The bottom line is, if  we want to create wealth from stocks, we must sow Seeds of Wealth. In fact, most of the seeds sown will not grow well.  Hopefully, some seeds may eventually over time grow to become Money Trees. But, before Money Trees can happen, did we ever give them enough chance to happen?

No, No, No!

This is what most people likely to do.

When Autumn is near and the leaves are falling. They start pulling off the young roots as they fear that they will not survive the harsh Winter.

How many of us are willing to test ourselves against the Seasons of our Time?

But who knows?

When Spring comes, Robins come, new leaves come, and then by the next Autumn, the young tree may grow a little taller to survive the next harsh Winter.

Season after season this is how we grow our Money Tree.  No short cut!!!!

Abnormal Return

We have 10-Year Series for G.C.E 'O' and 'A' Level Exam.

Here is Uncle8888's 10-Year Series on Abnormal Return.

BTW, Uncle8888 is still patiently looking forward for more 10-Baggers Return!!!

Uncle8888's Model Answer

Seeds of Wealth can only be sown during harsh Winter.

When these Seeds of Wealth manage to survive over the harsh Winter; it may grow taller and taller to survive each season of Autumn and Winter until they become Money Trees.

Life is fair. We all reap what we sow!

1 comment:

  1. Very inspiring story and timiely reminder ...
    Seeds of Wealth can only be sown during harsh Winter".

    During the harsh winter period, only the strongest will survice, i.e. companies with very good fundamental. While waiting for winter to come, we must prepare to stock up our seeds (capital) so as when the winster come, we can then plant our seed.


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