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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Late for stock investing as the path to financial independence (2)

Sometime on a certain occasion when retail investors have a chance to come together, they may like to ask which investment books are good for further reading. Usually, I would to like to mention "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Sometime I could tell from their body language is like what so great about his book. 

I believe this book is widely read.

But, somehow I realised from this book may be quite differently from many others. I didn't see it as investing in Properties or becoming Business owners is the way for me to go. I began to strongly believe that there is a viable alternate path to reach financial goals by climbing investment ladder instead of corporate ladder. This investment ladder may greatly help to complement or supplement my limited earned income due to having stuck in the middle path.

I also know that deep in my heart, there is little or no chance for me to climb beyond certain level of the corporate ladder without having to join in the Rat Race to step over each other to find the way up to fewer and more difficult  spots. But, climbing the investment ladder is so much different, the higher you climb, the more and better opportunities may start opening up.

Read? Talent and Investing?? (2)

Read? Late for stock investing as the path to financial independence

Read? Reading this won't make you great!

Yes. We can read widely but how the reading makes us great it is up to us do it in our own realized way. It can be too personal!


  1. Investment ladder requires great initial capital. It also means, you are born with that initial capital or earn it through certain years of "rat race" sadly.

    1. 1st half of our working life we work like Rat and 2nd half we should aim to work like Pig.

      Read? Horse, Cow and Pig

  2. Ha! HA!
    1st half we work like mad to accumulate $$$. Then we think like mad the rest of our life how to make $$$ to works for us. So that we run out of gas first before run out of $$$.

  3. >> climbing the investment ladder
    sorry don' quite catch that. but what's a investment ladder?
    and what opportunities may open up when you "climb higher up the investment ladder"?

  4. thanks 8888! those additional links are certainly helpful!


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