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Sunday 5 April 2009

Home for Living and not for profit taking

Quote from Albert Yang , Read? Buy your house!

A man is not a man; until there is a house that he may call his castle. A woman is not a woman; until she has a place she may call her home. And neither a man nor a woman can say anything about their house, until they are the masters of it, and own it outright and unencumbered.


Many years ago, my neighbour who was staying one floor below me told me he was selling his 4 rm HDB flat and bought another resale 4 rm HDB flat in another part of Hougang. I was quite puzzled that he was not upgrading, but in fact he was worse off as his "new" flat was quite far off from Hougang MRT, and Hougang Mall. Our flat is just five minutes walk to Hougang MRT, Hougang Mall and Punggol Park.

He told me about his handsome profit from by selling his flat, and how nice is to slowly paying off his "new" flat with another 20 year loan. He proudly told me why are we so stupid not to cash out handsome profit. He advised me to do so as the resale price of our flats near MRT was really very good. (We bought these HDB 4 rm unit at $55K many years ago when this area was near an old cemetery)

I never took his advice as I was "stupid". But, I strongly believe that "An ideal Home is for Living, and NOT for profit taking". Unless, one is currently not living in one's ideal home, then one should consider selling and keep looking for one's ideal home.

I have built my castle, and became a Man; and my wife became a Woman as she has a place she call her home.

Honestly, I do love money and create wealth; but that does not mean that I have to sell my Soul, and do whatever it takes to make more money and build more wealth. In Life, there are certain THINGS that no amount of money can be placed in front of us to exchange them. You have to determine yourself what are these THINGS in your own Life, and you haven't find anything yet. It could well mean that you are still living in your own materialistic world, nothing else except money, money, money and money will NEVER BE ENOUGH.

Never put off till tomorrow something that one can and should do today. There may be no tomorrow. (by wei ling)
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