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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Who are you and Where you were??? (4)

Read? Who are you and Where you were??? (3)

Most retail investors are bias in their thinking and analysis. 

That S(mart) Man of Leisure said it openly in the investor education seminar that investors are zebras. 

Where we are in Africa grassland? Who are we?

Kep Corp vs. Semb Corp

Who has done better and will be better?

Now, see who is talking?

Where you were?

Lucky, Uncle8888 were there for both so theoretically he is neutral. Right?

No BS!

Assuming Semb Corp dividend for FY 14 = $0.05 + $0.15 = $0.20

See for yourself!

CW8888's Yield on cost for Kep Corp and Semb Corp over the last 13 years.

How about his short-term trading on Kep Corp vs Semb Corp?

 Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95

 Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $4.97 for Round 54

Talking and doing. 


  1. Hi CW,

    From my experience and what I know, for clients, suppliers and employees, Kep Corp (O&M only) is better than SembCorp.
    More organised, fulfil promises, good environment for employees, low employee turnover, pay supplier promptly, deliver on time or earlier for clients..... stronger management team.

    For share price fluctuation, I am not so sure. Market is irrational. I am irrational. I own Sembcorp but not Keppel Corp.

    Anyway acquisition of Kep Land is something to take note. Long term.....or very very long term...Kep Corp...maybe

    1. Staying faithfully for 14 yrs. Is this long term enough?

      Give me at least 50 cts dividend post KepLand. I will say. "Mr. Loh,. Well done. Thank you!"

  2. Let's look at what Mr Market gives on Monday. Soros in Alchemy of FM on the paradigm of reflexivity attempts to explain why markets moving from one equilibrium state to another tend to overshoot or undershoot.

  3. Sorry if I asked this noob question ? Is it ok to buy on mon? It should still be below $9 and get the dividend? Sounds pretty risky haha


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