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Monday, 12 January 2015

Save Not on these two things???

1. What you eat? 

One thing that is not cheap, your daily intake of vitamins and plenty of assorted fruits over the week. Berries are not cheap.

2. What you put upon on your feet?

A pair of good shoes cannot be cheap.

Don't try to be cheapskate by extending the lifespan of your shoe until it really breaks down. 

Pay attention to your shoes it will tell when it is time to change. If you don't, it will definitely cost more when you found it out in the hard way.


  1. It will cost more to maintain quality life. It is better for most of us to do the right thing.

    Earn more. Save and then must invest well!

  2. Hi CW,
    May i divest.
    "Boh Tak Chet" like to consult you about something. i have no problem posting pictures or images in VBs. i try to learn how to post in your blog or SMOL's blog but until now without success. It seems Google operates differently.
    If you can teach me leh. FOC or copi money is O. K. for me.

  3. CW for a good night of sleep, do not save on a good mattress too!

  4. This must ask IT Guru.

    Any Guru can help?

  5. ???
    Then how you post pictures or images in your own blog?
    I mean from anywhere to your blog. Is it different if I want to post?
    Any IT GURU?
    I try the internet for answer but not successful till now.

    1. Ha ha.

      That images is upload from blogspot. Very easy one.

      But to post images in the Comment box. not sure how

  6. CW, look like either blogspot doesn't allow image in comment or you disable it. I think former is true.

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: IMG

    1. i remember something about the google blogspot allow owner of blog to select allow to comment or not allow. But is it referring to third party's posting of picture or image?

    2. Don't seem there is setting for image postimg.

      Any IT Guru care to advise?

    3. i find i can't post image at SMOL's blog too. Same error message:- "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: IMG"
      In fact i try so many different ways. Alas, none succeeded. i guess afraid someone might post unacceptable pictures of beautiful girls at awkward postures or what?
      Hey how to share ideas in a better way?
      A picture is worth a thousand words you know is the truth. Yes?

    4. I also like picture and images. Shortcut. Don't think too much.

  7. i think so too. VB's webside very easy one.

  8. I think Vbs is a forum unlike here individual blog spots. That's why Vbs have police .....Err... i mean Moderators. But blog spot owners can be police, thief... Err.... What you want to be why not?

  9. temperament,

    Even I can't figure out how to post pictures at the comment section in my own blog!

    I think cannot.

    Our Google Blogger is free one - less bells and whistles.

    Those forum sites like Valuebuddies have to pay for the usage - I guess it's like flying Business Class, you get what you pay for ;)


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