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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Meet your favorite local financial Influencers live! (5)

Read? Meet your favorite local financial Influencers live! (4)

The long wait for this big Event will soon be over.

17th January 2015, NTUC Auditorium, 12:30pm to 5:50pm

BTW, Uncle8888 is not involved with the organization of this event; but he is very supportive of Mr. Roland Liew for his great effort to organize this first of its kind event in Singapore for us at such low cost. 

$8 per head. OMG!

It is great success!

Soon, we will see more copycats!

You can see that there are two late birds who still don't want to give up to attend this event and asked him to help to get tickets.

Bo pian! 

Got to ask Roland even knowing the answer is a definite no.

Jacob Ng <>

12/28/14 (13 days ago)

to Roland
Hi Roland,
The long wait for this big Event will soon be over.
Any last minute chance of getting another two persons into this big Event?



  1. Looking forward to the event.

    but.... I 'lost' tickets (2). How ak?

    1. Got tickets mailed to us?

      Thought we just need to show

      Receipt No: 3287-3876-2312-0945
      Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You'll need it if you contact customer service at Wealth Directions Pte Ltd or PayPal.

    2. Thank you for your purchase! You ordered the following item(s):

      Personal Financial Investment Seminar x 3 - $48.00

      On the actual day, please bring along your Paypal confirmation email for verification. We will need the transaction ID on the email to verify.

      Thank you again for your support and is looking forward to meeting you soon.

      Wealth Directions Pte Ltd

    3. CW - I will check with WD as I accidentally deleted the WD confirmation email. :(


    4. May be your deleted email is still in the Trash folder.


  2. Try SMOL the "Super Sale-man" aka "Snake-oil Man" if he wants to be. Err... take it as a compliment please.

    1. temperament,

      You'll see.

      I am the only one not "selling" anything ;)

    2. Pretty sure you are not selling anything. You sell. We throw eggs at you.


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