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Monday, 5 January 2015

Keppel draws 2020 road map

CEOs of listed companies are NOT Grasshoppers!!!

Will any Grasshopper investors put their money where their mouth is by investing in CEOs who are Grasshoppers?

No plans. No Goals. No Prospect!

We just dance in rain and chill in the Sun. 

You investors come and put your money with us.


  1. Eh...

    These are hired-hand CEOs...

    You think they will be around in 20 years' time to review the goals and plans?

    Have you noticed hired-hands like to have a planning timeline that's longer than their tour of duty? (Ahem, been there; done it)

    If you look at founder first generation entrepreneur "CEOs" - those who start up the companies from the ground up - they speak differently ;)

    Where got time to have a strategic 20 years plan when you are frantically trying to keep your 1 year old startup from running out of cash? When you have no clue whether you will survive the next month?

    Stewardship of a kingdom is not the same as conquering a kingdom ;)

    1. Yeap! The key word is "listed".

      Grasshoppers can dance and sing with their money. Who care?

      When it is investors' money, better change to NOT Grasshoppers. Investors only see goals, plans, return, and payback.

      Like what one of SGX listed companies, Mr Fish-man said at one of the SIAS company profiling seminar. He has regretted taking his company public.


      Stewardship of a kingdom is not the same as conquering a kingdom?

      Answering to yourself only and answering to many others is the not same.

    2. CW,

      With that we are in agreement :)

      I feel frustrated when mom is earning peanuts putting her savings in fixed deposits.

      But the thought of trading on her behalf freaks me out. So I keep my mouth shut.

      Yup, answering to myself only and answering to mom is the not same ;)

      Shareholders should act like landowners and make sure their shepherd is working and not skiving - hence the inventions of KPIs, Management by Objectives, and what not to place as "shackles" on the shepherd.

      However, when the shepherd have many "bosses", he will only answer to that particular landowner that hired him.

      Minority shareholders and majority shareholders are not the same - just ask Steve Jobs ;)


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