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Monday, 26 January 2015

Kep Corp : Crazy high volume today!

Now who is right and who is wrong?

See you in 2017!


  1. Yesterday,

    No of transactions: 13,599

    Volume: 25,350,900

    So many are getting in or adding more.


    Welcome to Keppel Club!

  2. The super high volume mainly dominated by sellers, not buyers.

    1. Correction... in term of volume, both sellers and buyers are equally strong.

      However, sellers sell in huge lot size.

    2. Retail are buying for dividends. LoL!

    3. Today, Bought from Seller/Sold to Buyer = 1.2
      Yesterday, Bought from Seller/Sold to Buyer = 1.5

    4. Yup... I saw some quite a lot of 0.1 ~ 0.7 lot (100 shares?) LOL

  3. Hi CW,
    At $8.26, with a dividend of about 5.8% yield is a fairly good price to enter. Would like to hear your opinion.

    1. Dividends are like panadols.

      Some only need one dose to ease their headache and heartache.

      You need how many doses?

      Mine is 5% for blue chips with Temasek behind them. Deep pocket Ah Kong.

  4. We need to look at both dividend yield and dividend payout ratio as a pair when deciding to invest for yield.

    5% yield at 50% dividend payout ratio may not be worse than 8% at 90% payout ratio.

  5. Fully agree, some may have miss out the payout ratio, thus thinking higher yield is always better. Thanks for the highlight.

  6. It may be better if the whole financial health picture of the said company is better then the 50% one. i am saying no "hard and fast rules" - must dig for the whole picture then can decide. But usually if you don't want to dig further, 50% is a better bet.


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