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Saturday, 10 January 2015

How Much Is Enough???

When one lives in a poor neighborhood it is easier to feel richer when one have some extra money.


Read? $10,000 pay day per month???

After knowing the median household income is S$7,870, if we are not too greedy, $60K passive income @ 2-3% inflation rate should be enough for us to live reasonably well in Singapore.


 Choose wealth and then more choices become available somehow. e.g. freedom from works; freedom from time schedules, freedom from rushing and hurrying, freedom from checking time, ... LOL!


  1. Hi CW,

    The challenge is to build up a portfolio that can earn passive income of $60k annually. Not even sure how long that'd take me.

    1. I took very long!

      So long .....................................


      Started as low income earner. Bo pian!

      Started working with A level.

      A level is the 2nd lowest job grade in my company. The lowest is O level job grade e.g. clerical and admin support roles

      Later added on even more financial stress as single household income with three kids and I also have to invest on human asset to upgrade to diploma and degree.

      When we are conscious about it, we can make it.

      Bit by bit. We will reach there.

      At least here, I have shown that it NOT impossible!

      Starting low is NOT an end.

  2. 60k means a $1000,000. Portfolio@6%. If achievable, will it be sustainable. The portfolio is total assets in anything you want to invest.
    Anyone want to try imagine you have $1,000,000. Now?

    1. Will provide the answer in 10 yrs time. Sustainable or not. LOL!

  3. Ha! Ha!
    Knowing the Rule of 72 table is not the same as practising it. There is definitely differences in theory and practice.

  4. Another words not only total portfolio generate 6 % year to year, it's principle amount should be intact or "protected". In some years, it can even increase. Is it possible looking at a time horizon of 10 years as suggested by CW.

  5. Hmm.. Assuming capital appreciation and dividend reinvestment are not taken into account, a 10-year horizon means the person must save and invest 100,000 a year. The person must be earning a really high salary in order to afford so. :(

    1. i am sorry i cause you to misread me from earlier above. i am saying imagine you have $1,000,000. dollar now how would you invest to generate $60K/year and keep your principal intact or even grow in the time horizon of 10 years.

      And what we will say?
      SMOL says," Can not! i like to be a grasshopper"

      CW says, "No sweat! i am use to planning. i am an ant"

      Me? - " i don't know leh, That's why i am asking here."
      And i love the song "wu yeh de siang wen"

    2. Wink! Wink!
      I like to be a "butterfly" from an ugly caterpillar.

  6. if you have one mil in bank now, will you invest now or leave it?

    1. When we are not sure what to do?

      Take neutral path e.g. 50-50

    2. Taking the Average or mean is O. K. only if all the distribution data form a normal bell Curve. I think it is not other wise. This I learn this from :-

      The Flaw of “Averages”
      “Never try to walk across a river just because it has an average depth of four feet.”
      –Milton Friedman
      (Recipient of the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic

    3. 50-50 is NOT average leh.

      50-50 is the middle path. Median.

    4. 100 men cross the river.

      50 men have crossed over safely

      Less than 20 men didn't make.

      You have to cross the river to survive or you risk dying.

      Do or Do Not?

    5. Let's not get deeper in to "statistics" because if i tell you:-

      For example, the mean of four numbers is 50.5 and the
      median is 50 you may think that the four numbers are close to one
      another. In fact, however, I am
      thinking of:

      101 99 1 1
      Everyone knows i am "Boh Tak Chet" type who dares to be here. So as far as my money is concerned i believe in simple Arithmetic. And thank you for making me know more about mean , median, and mode which actually i never want to bother with.


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