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Friday, 9 January 2015

Happiness and Money???

Happiness and Money?

Don't debate. No ending!

Often Run Out Of Money Will Cause Unhappiness?

As a primary school kid, Uncle8888 already knew it so well!

Want to be poor?


100% dislike!

Do you choose wealth?


Choose wealth to avoid unhappiness is actually the right answer.



  1. The Story of Coca Cola

    A ice cold bottle of coca cola after PE is happiness to me; but I didn't have money to buy it.

    Who says money cannot buy moment of happiness?

    Today, what is coke?

    Upsize also no feeling.

  2. Hi CW,
    Can happiness to you now also means you can afford a brand new BMW 320 but you don't?
    Because you know you will be happier spending it some other more meaningful way.
    You will be happier as you know you don't have to depend on your children financially.
    You will be happier as you know you can leave some sort of legacy for your children/charity.
    You will just be happier because you are you even after you have the money and means.

    1. Maybe CW can own Bmw plus give to children plus charity.

      I m v greedy I prefer to work hard to have Bmw, have houses, hav savings, have charity and have knowledge leave behind to my children so that they earn more than me!

      Dreams....can come alive if u continue working towards it!

    2. Yes each of us has different ideas of what makes us really happy. But i always feel works hard as a share investor is so much better then work hard as a business owner. Though of course you will never be as rich as the business owner. It's O. K. for me as i am not so ambitious.

    3. In fact, my family members all have BMW.

      Overseas holidays also BMW. Why not? But,some countries don't support BMW, bo pian so choose BTW.

      BMW is nothing leh!

      Have to be Porsche or Ferrari. LOL!

  3. Hi CW,

    I agree money can buy happiness. But just that people now choose to deny and say passion, leisure etc etc quite bull shitty way of excuse! But of course have passion n money is the best.

    Then again back then not only you cannot afford then. Many others also. So effect is not so lonely.

    I remember when I was young, also cannot afford. We drink "ice pack" ten cents. But no problem, bcos many others also the same. No sadness. But can drink coke, happy!

    Difference is people back then easier to be happy. Now higher expectations, but can't blame!

  4. And i forget to add,

    The best part is almost all your relatives and friends think they are "better off" than you.
    Some even look down on you as you don't change much at all.

    Shall i go and buy a Brand New BMW 320 or even 520 now?
    To boost my self esteem.
    Am i suffering from low esteem suddenly?
    Is my self esteem depends on other people then?
    No ! No! No!
    Then i have failed as an investor.
    i can not be one anymore.
    Ha! Ha!

    1. My boss said: "You good! You don't have this problem and headache."

      I don't have driving license. Uniquely rare in Singapore. At the moment, none of my children too.

    2. Never drive. So forgot to renew. After three years no more license.

  5. Maybe better to buy BMW Porsche or Ferrari for the experience of the drives! The feel is different. But those who look down, quite pathetic. We should never use car as a comparison of wealth!

    So do not look down when u own an expensive car. Similarly when u do not own, u also cannot say those who own look down on u, unless they really said it. Respect is mutual.

  6. Who will say it? Action always speaks louder then words. No actions? How about body language?

    1. i forgot how about just the look of your face say so.

  7. Haha.. Take it easy then.. Tell him ur LJ haolian face sucks! Looks or body language can only hurt if u allow them to. Otherwise give back them the same body language! Haha just kidding...

  8. Ha! Ha!
    Better still show them we can drive a better car with a snobby face. Who doesn't want the warmth of the centre of the herd. If you succumb I think you have just sacrificed your principles of investment. I think you better stop investing or watch your thoughts.

    On the other hand if you want to drive a Ferrari for your own sake, it may shows you are indeed not one those in the madding crowd.

    1. You are in fact one of the creators of the madding crowd.


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