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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Grand Auntie's Regret or Wish or Disappointment???

Read? Grand old investor and gambler???

This time, Uncle8888 happened to sit beside one grand auntie.

Don't expect grand auntie to talk about market!

Not sure whether Uncle8888 can call it Grand Auntie's regret or wish or just disappointment.

Grand Auntie: "My daughter, 38 has two children. My son, 42 still not thinking of marriage." :-(

Guess what your mum might be wishing this CNY.



    All you married people don't ask singles WHEN we will get married during CNY OK?

    And you wonder why so many people like to travel during CNY???

    Get outta here!


  2. Hi SMOL,
    Serious, a man with the gift of the gap really can have any bird(female) in the tree to sing for him.
    Admit it how many hearts you have broken?
    You heartless lover?
    Another words why you are not married?
    None is good for you or you are too good for anyone?

    1. temperament,


      The paradox is if my heart is settled, I would have no need for marriage as I'll be on another spiritual plane ;)

    2. An ugly person, not necessary mean he or she has an "ugly" heart.

      That single handsome guy or pretty gal does not mean he or she is a heartless lover.
      It is possible, no one knows just how nights they have cried their heart out over the unrelinquished love.

  3. One sided love can be very painful as it can last forever...

  4. Ha! Ha!
    What about 2 sided love? That is reciprocal love will not be painful? Will not last forever?
    i thought you promised, "Till death do us part".
    Now, who says that?
    Romeo or Juliet?
    Or "The Book Of Common Prayer"?

    1. Bingo! Love and Marriage can be so complex.

      Still think those singles are pitiful?

      Or we should envy them?


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