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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Early Retire is NOT necessary Financial Independence???


This is the place where she works. 

SGX is the only place where Uncle8888 is trying to make more money to accelerate his wealth building to become financial independence.

 So Uncle8888 opened his eyes wide to read slowly ... but, many times he would just do quick scan as nothing new or fantastic to read slowly.


Learn something new this morning!

Early Retire is NOT necessary Financial Independence!

Do you know what is Uncle8888 thinking in his mind?

Two things in mind!

1) ????

2) ????

What do you think?


  1. Hi Uncle 8888

    6k now and 20 years later will be different .

    I am more interested to know her sideline to earn more to build her investment portfolio though , considering the 4k mortage is alot for age of 20s.

    1. May be some of us to email SGX to conduct this course on "How to build $6K passive income?" as part of SGX Investors Education.

      But, I suspect her capital is closer to $M


    2. Hi STI,

      I don't think she is in her 20s. She graduated and started her career in US, and return to Singapore in 2006. She stays in a Condo in East Coast and I presume she owns other property as well which explains her 4K mortgage.

      Hi Bro8888,
      Seems like she is a strong believer in REITs and DCA. I think SGX already have course on that as I remember attending a REIT introductory in SGX when they were first launched. Hmm.. or was it ETF?

    3. Think the article says she is in her 40s. Probably early 40s as she said she wants to retire by 45

  2. 6k monthly passive income is a lot,
    give me 2-3k monthly passive income I will retire liao lor


  3. Actually this article quite unclear and many question mark. I don't think she has investment property. If not her rental would cover her mortgage loan. How to retire early if your passive do not exceed your expenses by a certain amount ?


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