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Monday, 5 January 2015

Discover the five most sought-after employers in Singapore

Reputation trumps salary in the dream job race.

Candidates value company reputation over benefits and incentives when it comes to Singapore’s top employers. A survey by JobStreet revealed that multinationals and home-grown conglomerates are the country’s most sought-after employers.

Singaporeans’ dream employer is search-engine giant 

Google. Multinational oil and gas firm 

Shell came in second, while flag carrier 

Singapore Airlines took the third spot. 

Exxon Mobil and 

Keppel Corporation claimed fourth and fifth spots respectively

Company reputation superseded salary as the prime reason why candidates want to work for these companies.

Benefits and incentives were chosen as candidates’ second consideration.

Salary was placed third followed by learning/training and development which was identified as the fourth preference. 

Claiming the fifth position was internal promotion prospects and career growth, which was identified as important for candidates to stay and grow in a company. 


  1. Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. Once they join, they will realize how tough it is to shine in a MNC, since the MNCs take in so many of the brightest minds globally. :P

  2. It depends...

    Big fish in a small pond - you may have less opportunity to grow as the small pond (SME) is has less resources. If you are big fish, is better to be in big pond as the opportunity to grow is higher.

    CW - even small company also have bell curve .

  3. Google free breakfast lunch and dinner... who doesnt want. Facebook have paid vacation leave in a year while chevron aws is 3 months.

    Sigh 3 times and hope for a better tomorrow.

    1. Wah. Shiok!

      I only have free 3-in-1 coffee and biscuits which I don't like

      Keppel got what?



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