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Thursday, 15 January 2015

1,000 to 100 units from 19 January 2015 onwards.

But ......

Uncle8888 didn't hear any thing on reduction in minimum rate of $25 from any of his brokers.

How about you?


  1. Nope. I read that SGX is in discussion with the brokers on the topic, but nothing firmed up.

  2. It has to be reduced. If not you are penalising people who have very little capital in the first place. Then not much new trading volume will be generated, i think.

  3. Ahem.

    I don't think the brokerage fraternity is exactly jumping with joy over what the new guys at SGX have rammed down their throats in recent years...

    Going by what the banking sector has done to filter out ikan-bilis savings accounts by introducing a fee if the balance is below a certain level, I don't think the brokerages will budge anytime soon... They have to create shareholder value too ;)

    I think those working at Investor Relations at listed companies will faint... Now anyone with 100 shares can write "bo liao" questions to them. And for AGM, must prepare for the thundering hordes of retired uncles and aunties out for a free lunch...

    Eh? Maybe I should do that!

    1. No more bento set or buffet at AGM?

      Provide packet snacks?

  4. Nope, but i think it must be reduced. if not the broker will become rich. and i am waiting for it to be reduced if not i will just go back to my old ways to buying 1 lot = 1000 shares and ignore this.

    1. Thinking of taking advantage of this 100 share lot thing. LOL!


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