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Friday, 14 January 2022

Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (3)

Read? Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (2)

A new ATH Investment portfolio! Hoseh liao!

Panda and Koala investors in Singapore has hope liao!

Super Terrible Index is transforming into Singapore Tolerable Index!

DBS new ATH @ $35.88

Read? DBS : Round 23-2 : Sold @ $35.02

Round 23 : Bro, told you not to sell! You no listen! See lah!

Round 23-2 : Sold @ $35.02. Sianz!

Round 23-1 : Sold @ $33.68 Lagi sianz!

Round 26 : WTF! Sold@$32.68 and earned 0.9% and some more kena laughed at! Super sianz!


  1. STI is the anti-Dow!

    The more Dow drops, the more STI rise!

  2. CW,

    STI finally has its day in the sun?

    While rest of Europe and Asia in the red, STI stood out in the green!?

    Maybe STI is being re-rated as "safe harbour"?

  3. Bravo for people like us who have our little fortunes tied to the "Surprisingly Tough Index" (STI).

    Although happy that the STI has lifted our networth by some margin, I always cognizant that "invested wealth is an illusion". Thats why we have a big chunk of savings safely anchored in our CPF.

    But for now, I am walking around with a big smile. I mean, whats not to like when you see your stocks prices go up. And to sweeten the deal, that is after collecting $67,836 in dividends last year!!

  4. Not a devout follower of value-weighted indices, though have a small allocation in S&P ETF as part of overall asset diversification. STI was boosted by the banks, S&P was buttressed by tech stock, HSI was weighed down by China focus tech, broad market sentiments & rotational plays of the big boys.

    Total value of my STI holdings hardly moved in 2021, with the up in banks holdings balanced by the drop in reits holdings. Dividend collected in 2021 from equity was around the 2019 level, despite having injected additional sums since early 2020. Saving grace is dividend collected from bonds is at ATH, boosted by the drop in interest payment (highly leveraged in bond investment, with borrowings in 7 figures). This brings our 2021 non-equity passive incomes (exclude rents, CPF & leveraged annuity) close to that from equity.

    Equity wise, best performer in 2021 is my HKEX holdings. Starting from Jan 21, progressively invested in non-tech dividend stocks listed in the HKEX. These companies have sound balance sheets & are profitable for the past 5 years, but prices (at time of purchase) were at or near 5 year low. HSI was then hovering at 0.5 standard deviation below the trend. Annualized return of 24.5% (including dividend) based on 13 Jan closing prices, not bad for an exchange labelled as amongst the worst performers in 2021 globally.

    Networth is lifted most significantly by the increase in properties valuation, in fact family total networth is at ATH in end 2021. But as well said by mysecretinvestment, "invested wealth is an illusion". Unless sold (not likely anytime soon, hope to keep properties as "generational wealth"), this is just paper gain. Had just reluctantly let go one of our investment properties, a property in New Zealand we held for 25 years. The hotel chain, which we had contracted with for the past 2 decades to manage the property for us as a service residence, had terminated the contract due to the state of the hospitality industry thank to COVID. This is our best investment in term of annualized return - 28% annualized return for 25 years (wrt the initial deposit made)! BTW, NZ was the world's second best performer in property in 2021, with y-o-y increase of 20+ %, more than twice that of Singapore

    1. retire5559,

      I came here to give CW a cheer - him being a panda Singapore stocks only specialist.

      If not now, when?

      After your "refreshingly" frank comment, I think I'll give CW a hug instead!

      Pat on his back, "Its OK, its OK..."

      Jokes aside, I wish more people can be as transparent as you when they shared they have made CPF voluntary housing refunds or CPF voluntary top-ups...

      Depending 100% from CPF Life payouts or CPF interests during retirement, is not the same as having multiple streams of cash flows where CPF is just one of these streams ;)

      Leveraged bonds and leveraged annuities, these are not vehicles available to the common folks riding the ComfortDelgro bus ;)

      How many property investors will hire a hotel chain to manage their overseas properties?

      You sure know how to hire shepherds to tend to your flocks!

      You landowner you!


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