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Sunday, 16 January 2022

Give STI A Tiger Rally To Celebrate CNY!

 3,400 coming?


  1. I'm still waiting to uncork my Macallan lol.

    Sometime later this year, may have chance for me to shoot some ammo from my warchest on tech stocks.

    I'm pretty bullish on stocks in general for the next couple of years.

    If we get a -20% correction this year, then I'll be bullish on stocks for the next 7 years!

  2. See how interest rate going in US.

    Market will over react?🤑

    QE can continue but only can own self support own self lol.

  3. Who is afraid of US sanctions now?🔪

  4. Just finished using my Nett Worth Calculator.

    2021 was a difficult year for me.

    Nevetheless still managed to nett, nett plus a little but considering inflation in 2022, have to do

    much better.

    Plus GST increase is down the road.

    No need to eat at restaurant as already paying near restaurant price at food court and hawker's


    Not willing to pay additional 10% service charge.

    i think Service Charge will follow the increase of GST too.

    So must invest in stock market right?

  5. Hi Temperament, wish you all the best for your stock investment in 2022. On a pessimistic note, 2022 could an eventful one. Dark clouds of war are hanging over Ukraine & the Taiwan Straits. The US is in troubles in many fronts, with empty shelves in the supermarkets thank to its now dysfunctional logistics industry, a partial contributor to the current runaway inflation in US. Looters are openly grabbing staffs from supermarkets & even trains (wonder why this is not reported in the Straits Times). With record low rating and a looming Nov 2022 mid term election, risk of Joe Biden starting an external conflict (such as an "incident" in Ukraine or the Taiwan Straits) to divert attention could not be ruled out entirely. COVID is a disruptive enough black swan event, just hope we don't have to face another.

    US sanction still has bite, thank to its duo weapons of mass destruction - military & US dollar/Swift. Unfortunately, US Treasury Secretary John Connally's "famous" statement "the dollar is our currency, but its your problem" will continue to haunt the world for the foreseeable future

  6. US sanction still have bite but not for long.

    There is an "alternative way of trading.

    Like among IRAN, RUSSIA, even Africa and many already sanctioned weaker counties.

    Even a Middle East country now dares to buy France's Rafale, Mirage 2000 after not able to buy US F 35 due to unwilling to listen to US to ban HUAWEI.

    Who is afraid of sanction now?

    Maybe only a few left?

    Of course all because China is even willing to do barter trade with countries that has no "money" aka US Dollars.


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