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Saturday, 17 April 2021

When Both Greed and Ignorance Meets; This Can Happen When Greed Overtake!

 Read? Bernie Madoff, mastermind of giant Ponzi scheme, dies in US prison

Read? Singapore Trader’s Lavish Lifestyle Allegedly Fueled By $740 Million Fraud

Read? Posts relating to frauds and scams

Real People, Real Ex-colleagues into Sunshine, Oilpods, Land-banking (one of them even resigned to become full-time agent to get more other colleagues into this land-banking fraud. More died together! It had to be really good because someone has gone full-time!)


  1. IMHO,

    They are all Genius in their own way - they are the most manipulative on human's weaknesses.

    The most "charming", devilish-soul-destroying personality type on Earth.

    Even If U want to be one, U can't be because U just don't have the genius to be one.

  2. But anyone can be a victim to their evil genius.

    i mean don't think U are too smart to be victim. No?

    On the other hand, not anyone can be a victim too - if U were a victim to Bernie Madoff, U were/are the ELITES of The Time already.

  3. Friends and relatives who own self stupid not enough, want to drag others into glue factories and abattoirs...

    Next time someone jio you to join them for good, better, best lobang, lean over and whisper enquire how much they are making from their "best intentions" milking and fleecing!

    It could be so lucrative that some of you might want to join as shepherd too!

  4. On the other hand, what can compare to this?

    Is it going to happen one day?

    i think it will one day. (Because Human beings want to be like GOD)

    Pray it is not going to happen for a long , long, long time.

    But i think it will be triggered by US on China because White Supremacists's psyche can never be eradicated.

    Russians mainly are white race too.

    Whites can not accept Asians to be Better or even equal.

    My 2 cents.

    Thanks CW for hosting me.

  5. At least Madoff's investors managed to get back 75% of their money so far. One of them is a retiree that I know from church.

    Regulators & liquidators are still chasing down & liquidating whatever remaining secret assets, so investors may finally get back 80%-85%.

    But it took 5 years before the first dollars started to be returned to them. By then quite a number of the investors had committed suicide.

  6. Uncle 8888

    I don't know why let me thought of this sentence " I eat salt more than you eat rice."

    In the end become salty fish.

  7. HA! HA!

    We all are.

    We all are.

    Only a matter of time-Salted Fish.


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