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Saturday, 10 April 2021

Dow jumps nearly 300 points to a record high, gains 2% for the week

 Walan! Gap widen up! Can STI Bulls FOMO to catch up with Uncle DOW?

U.S. stocks climbed to record levels and closed out Friday at their session highs as Wall Street wrapped up the week with solid gains amid rising reopening optimism.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 297.03 points to 33,800.60, notching a record closing high. The S&P 500 gained 0.8% to 4,128.80, hitting its third straight record close. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite edged up 0.5% to 13,900.19.

Stocks linked to the recovering economy led the gains again amid the accelerating vaccine rollout. Carnival Corp rose 2.6% after getting two upgrades on Wall street amid pent-up demand and potential summer restart. General Electric climbed more than 1%. JPMorgan added 0.8%.


  1. Hmm provided that S'pore can open up as fast as US hoho.

    But since we depend on external markets more than domestic market, S'pore also needs our major trade partners, especially Asian countries, to also speed up openings too.

  2. To me since day one Uncle Sam is the World's 老大 in Financial Engineering because of US $ is the World's reserve currency.

    But almost all the Financial Engineering $$$ has been spent on "WARFARE".

    Now China has shown Uncle Sam don't need so much on "Warfare" but more on the people's WELFARE.

    Uncle Sam is playing catch up lol to emulate like CHINA-Infrastruture & People's Welfare.

    Uncle Sam now can not afford Wall Street to be like Main Street.

    By hook or by crook it will be done.

    Mean the Bull will have some more time to run.

    But i am slowly selling my US portfolio until then..........

    1. Hi Uncle Temperament,

      If the conviction is that bull still has legs to run, then why not collect instead of sell?

    2. Ha! Ha!

      Conviction is too strong a word for me to use in the stock market.

      Always think the market is biàn huàn mò cè

      ii only read the tea leaves in the cup now, and guess in the current to very short term what is going to happen in the stock markets.

      Why only like that?

      We all know Uncle Sam is now 虎视眈眈 with China.

      And China has already shown the Middle finger at Alaska meeting and now openly sign 25 years agreement with Iran.

      How did Uncle Sam response?

      Sell more weapons to Taiwan and openly say will have more meeting with Taiwan.

      So who knows when the 1st bullet or bomb going to fire?

      We all pray only COLD but not Hot War happens.

    3. Believe that no can tell when the market going to crash.

      But also believe when market crashed, where are U and what U are doing?

      And most important of all, what are U going to do after the market crashed?

      This to me is another way of looking at if U bought well, don't worry so much about not able to sell well.

      But super duper Snake-Oil Saleman may believe can sell anything-even ice to the Eskimo.

      Ha. Ha.


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