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Friday, 2 April 2021

22 Years in SGX Local Market vs 14 Months - Time in the Market vs. Timing the Market?

Two sets of data points to validate personal investing strategy on 3M's - Method, Mind and Money Management.

Money management has changed from re-investing investment income for compounding investment return to spending off 100% of yearly investment since 2017.  But, unfortunately; Uncle88888 has missed the opportunity to compound his investment income from 2010 to 2019 as his war chest is rotting in the bank and CPF OA for 10 years!

Similar or different pattern between 22 years and 15 months in local SGX market doing DIY stock pick?

22 years (Jan 2000 to Apr 2021) - Total number of  different stocks bought and sold; or still holding = 59

15 months (Feb 2020 to Apr 2021)- Total number of  different stocks bought and sold; or still holding = 13


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Just a different implementation of the bond tent. :)

    Also not forgetting, you've plenty of market timing & trading in those 22 years! :P

    1. Wah! New concept of investing near retirement or during retirement! Thank you for your illustration! A picture tells a thousand words.

  2. Ah........ Covid March 2020 changed investment tactic half-way or "KK" seeing that market went down so "Hiong", never seen b4, made me pull hand-brake; thinking delay a bit more time will buy at a much lower price.

    KNN, who could know FED RES came into the picture and for the 1st time i didn't buy all the way down as in all the other Bear markets.

    This time i think the past Bear markets experiences didn't help at all.

    In fact the opposite, imho.

    Who says experiences count?

    Nothing is always certain OK.

    1. Mind part of 3Ms we are all on our own. Nobody can help on this.

    2. CW,

      Can help, but its not from snake oils.

      Athletes and team coaches have used psychologists and psychiatrists to help them up their MENTAL game ;)

      Traders have used them too.

      For eg, some traders seek help to overcome their fear of squeezing the trigger. Or their inability to cut their losses short...


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