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Sunday 5 April 2020

Your CPF Investment Account : Uncle8888's foolish advice again!!! (5) (Time to refresh)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Read? Your CPF Investment Account : Uncle8888's foolish advice again!!! (5)

Master Yoda : Don't use your CPF, Luke, Let go. You will hit your financial goal if you are patient and let the money grow. Trust me!

534K CPF members who used their funds to invest from Oct 2018 to Sep 2019

1.  54% or 267K CPF members actually did worse than those didn't invest the money they had i their CPF.

267,000 is large pool of retail investors!

2. 170K lost money!

Statistically, someone on either on your left or right as retail investor did worse than savers!

Don't laugh or poke at those choose NOT to invest their CPF money. In CPF, we trust!


  1. I will not use my CPF to invest my coffin

  2. Make sense now when ppl are sitting on 40% losses,saddled with mortgages and job losses. You 'lun' your Boss and cannot FO your boss. That's the reality

    1. This crisis may make many FIRE seekers doing a rethinking on sources of "passive" income for life.

    2. 18yrs already still no news of my investment.prulink?

  3. Uncle8888,

    3 points regarding this news article:

    1) People (including finance & investment professionals) often invest at the worst times. Doesn't take a genius to estimate how many CPF members investing today compared to 2017. Even companies are stopping share buybacks now, even though valuations have fallen a lot, compared to past few years when companies were squandering their cash buffers doing share buybacks hand-over-fist when valuations were nosebleed high, and worse ... borrowing money to do buybacks.

    2) Apples-to-oranges comparison to compare 1-year returns of risky assets to safe CPF returns. From the CPFIS-OA Total Profits/Losses Report, the stats become better over 5 years. The news article should be talking more about non-correlated asset allocations, diversification, investment timeline, whether need the money within 5 years etc.

    3) From the start, CPF should have involved large low-cost index investments like Vanguard, or even Temasek / GIC options at low-cost. And just make CPFIS a 1-click or 2-click option. Instead of the high-cost products from banks & investment houses, or leaving it up to individual stock-picking with high transaction commissions. Leave such higher-cost options for cash or SRS accounts. But rumours were that our banking & finance industry put up a very vehement objection to the govt against allowing such low-cost options.

  4. Use CPF to invest before they locked the OA previously on investment. Use it to invest in China-India funds. Return is quite good at one stage until recently. But still positive good return. Idea is to release E-fund if seriously needed.

    Ya, better not use CPF to invest and leave it inside.

    I use SRS to invest instead, because interest in SRS is really low.

  5. In times like these, sit tight with your job, always add value and down follow the crow to doom. Patiently awaits as the market is not doom yet. Never trade on margin and leverage.

    1. True traders will know how to manage their trading account. It is those retail investors who wanted to make it bigger and faster that need to watch out closely.

  6. Sorry typo, dont follow the crowd

  7. Don't gamble how to go rich. With the few percent interest.Agress😃

  8. Alot of type 2, they cannot even remember their pw and will reset few times within a day.

    I do not know if their stm serve any purpose for the market.


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