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Saturday 4 April 2020

COVID-19 Bear Market 2020 - Round 2 Coming???

Read? End Of CONVID-19 Bear - Round 1

Bet your war chest at which level of betting?

Below 2,100 or below 1,900?

Strong support seen at 1,8XX and stronger one at 1,4XX

Place your war chest!


  1. Following that downtrend pattern in 2008 GFC at 2,5XX resistance level all the way down?

    Take your time to place your bet on the table. :-)

  2. Uncle temperament

    Do not forget your arti drills

    "Arti! Arti! Arti!" Hahaha

  3. Uncle8888,

    Knee jerk reaction to better virus "statistics" from Spain, Italy & New York. But it's still early days yet. Need to see sustained improvement.

    Everybody & their dogs (and cats & fishes) are following the stats.

    As for the company earnings reports, everybody (and their dogs etc) kinda know will be VERY BAD for 1st and 2nd quarters, probably for 3rd quarter as well. 4th quarter profits may still be zero or slightly -ve.

    Most people are only expecting breakeven or slight profits in Q1 2021.

    BTW, more angpaos this afternoon @ 2pm ...

  4. Stock futures rose in overnight trading on Monday, following a steep rebound in the previous session, as investors grew more hopeful that the peak in coronavirus cases could be reached soon.

    Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed about 200 points. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq futures also traded higher.

    Stocks surged on Monday as a slew of coronavirus headlines pointed to a potential stabilization in the U.S. The Dow soared 1,600 points, posting its third biggest point gain ever. The S&P 500 jumped 7% to its highest level since March 13. With Monday’s rally, the S&P 500 bounced about 20% from its 52-week low on March 23.

    1. CW,

      Incredible right?

      Once upon a time, to make 20% returns takes about a year or two...


      In just one month, those really great market timers (or lucky like hell) already made 20%! Power or what?

      Bulls and bear both lost money when kenna whiplashes like these... Its seems +-8% moves are common in the US indices nowadays. Machiam like trading penny stocks...

      STI at 2500. Anyone wants to bet whether the next move is up to 2800 or down back to 2200?

      Suddenly everyone is an "expert" when it comes to the Wuhan virus ;)

    2. More staying at home and watching flashing screen. LoL

    3. LOL. Relief rallies that human race won't be wiped out by virus.

      Or rather that western democracies can get control over it.

      Reality of economic impacts will set in over next couple months.

      Emerging markets & those sensitive to globalisation like S'pore will have higher chance of breaking the March lows.

      More nibbling to come! :)

    4. Time to take some profits off the table if any. LoL!

    5. Spur,

      A tale of 2 cities.

      Those who have expended all their bullets at STI 2500 would hate you. Probably tell you to fly kite!

      Those who have lots of dry powder waiting to nibble at STI 2200 and below would probably jio you to "lim kopi"!

    6. Ehhh .... me scare to give individual advice lah LOL!!!

      Just nibble if feel value & survivability is good enough!

      Else wait for longer-term trend signals to go back in.

      And doesn't have to be binary yes-or-no .... can nibble a little bit over next 3 months, while some portions keep for trend signals, and yet other portions for other asset classes that move in their own ways e.g. CPF, property, investment grade bonds, junk bonds, gold, hard & soft commodities (hard has been soft for a while, and soft has been getting harder LOL!).

      Something interesting...

      Shows changes in human traffic to various places in the Age of COVID.

      Google Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports What a horrible name LOL.

      For S'pore: -28% down in retail; -40% down in MRT / bus interchange; -15% down in workplaces (will get more terok).


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