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Monday, 14 November 2016

Better than Warren Buffet???

This is the amazing story of a mother of 2 kids who now consistently achieves 23.2% compounded returns every single year.

Discover how you can do the same...


Better than Warren Buffet. Truly Amazing! 

When Uncle8888 has nothing else to do. He will go and listen to find out!


  1. "This is the amazing story of a mother of 2 kids who now consistently achieves 23.2% compounded returns every single year."

    I think the period is within 4 years but did not mentioned from which years.

    Many retail investors also can achieve this 23% CAGR if they invest during the 2007 financial crisis. lol.

    Coincidentally, Shelby Davis also achieved 23.2 CAGR

  2. may i know who that wonder lady is?

  3. CW,

    She asked me out for coffee I think 2 years ago to see If I can contribute articles to her business site.

    Many never read my blog before asking me out for coffee on collaboration...

    Imagine the awkward pause when I reminder her I'm a trader.


    She's the General Manager of that outfit and being with Learning and Development during her civil servant days, public speaking and conducting seminars is right up her alley ;)

    The "smarter" students of financial freedom seminar courses have either started their own training academies or join their "mentors" as trainers like her.

    That's why the easy money lies!

    Free go and have fun to listen no harm. Any retail noob starting out from 2009 will look great! I'll bet they will leave out their recent performance from 2014 to 2016 ;)

    1. Now eng eng so can resume attending free seminar and lim free kopi. I have registered for the first seminar and more coming soon. Lots to learn from selling talks. :-)

  4. Not a bad idea.
    Just beware we can do irrational thing or unexplainable thing just by exposing ourself at some type of "seminars".

    1. Wah! Then must be super snake oil King even old birds tio conned.


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