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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Taiwan Round 3 - Taipei, Jiaoxi, Yilan, and Hualien (1)

Read? On Blog Leave From 30 Oct to 7 Nov 16 - Taiwan Round 3

How to get to Jiaoxi from Taipei?

Either by train or bus; but by bus is cheaper and faster!

We took Kamalan Bus from Taipei Bus Station at QSquare

You purchase your bus ticket at the ground floor at Kamalan Bus counter and then proceed to Level 4 to take bus to Jiaoxi.

BTW, free wifi on board the bus to Jiaoxi Bus Terminal.


We choose to stay at 58 degree hotel next to the hot spring park where we have our private hot spring bath in the room. It is less than 3 mins walking distance from bus stop (Tangweigou Park) to the hotel by Bus 112 from Jiaoxi bus terminal.

We have late lunch near Tangweigou Park by following the crowd since it was still quite full on weekday late noon so it couldn't be wrong!

Fisherman doesn't verify the freshness of the fish by poking the fish used by wet market aunties method. We just take one good look and verify by the fish language. 

Choose your own fish as every fish is tagged with its price.

The biggest fish with the highest price tag was not the most fresh one. It couldn't escape the fisherman's eyes on freshness. :-)

Be warn as the fish are bony at the fish belly; but the belly is the best part.

Wufengchi Waterfall

We took Bus 111 at the other side of Tangweigou Park to Wufengchi Waterfall. (Bus 112 at one side of the park and Bus 111 at the other side of the park)

Fishing at the Waterfall base

Swimming at the Waterfall base

Yilan's Jimmy Park

For food, following the crowd is seldom wrong!

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