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Wednesday 11 November 2015

Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early? (2)

Read? Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early?

Auntie8888 has retired from full-time employee to stay-at-home-mum since 1995 to look after three kids after she decided to terminate domestic helper who was helping less than expected.

Once children have grown up and not messing up the house to create more household chores and no more taking care of children's pets. Previously; home was a mini Zoo with rabbits, tortoise, birds, and marine fishes. All these pets were passed. None of the children wanted to keep pets anymore. Now only left with Auntie8888's gardening.

With so less household chores and limited gardening activities to occupy  so much spare time, it is not easy to become full-time retiree.

She decided to work three half-day part-time per week and recently upgrade to four half-day part-time per week.

The Moral of Story 

Do we really need more free time to do those activities that cannot be achieved during full-time day job?

If no, should it be better to delay our voluntarily retirement till more "enforced" retirement later.

Too much free time is not easy to manage. 

Don't be mislead. Some retirees are close to full-time activities in the stock market, basically it is another form of casual day job. 

So are you willing to become near full-time investors or traders to manage more time and engage in high risk activities?

Now, Uncle8888 has his Bucket List ready and more free time is needed. Bo pian! He has to retire from his full-time employment to have excess of 21 days annual leave and 9 public holidays.



  1. Auntie8888 is same country as me?

    Tired; rest.

    Bored; work.


  2. Replies
    1. yeh,

      Lol! I write in Singapore rojak english :)

      "Same country" is a direct translation from Mandarin to mean we same kind of people ;)

      I Singaporean.

      Although I would much prefer to consider myself a citizen of the world ;)

  3. i thk majority wants to 'retire' early is because of high paying jobs are stressful in the corporate world, tight deadline, long working hrs, OTs, no life.

    if financially free, can work part time or less stressful jobs can go home on the dot, able to past time. or not happy can sack the boss. not tied down or forced to work because u dont need the pay cheque to feed the mouths

    i believe this is what people wants

    1. Think self-employed tends to like their job. No work. No money. Right?

  4. Blog

    Hi CW,

    Maybe free your mind first before freeing your time? Know ur PURPOSE after retirement!

    Retirement has to be clearly defined? It may be the case that many seeking for FI n quit current job is actually SEEKING for their 2nd career in their own way/time. Not retirement? For eg Becoming a pastor, doing voluntary work, trader, writer, tuition own kids etc As long as there is a PURPOSE!

    On the contrary, just gardening, watch tv, play with kids/grandkids, jogging, swimming... hmm... do that for 20-30 yrs? PURPOSE?

    Most who are in their 40s, 50s or even 60s who only retires less than 20yrs (with no purpose) probably cannot yet say so loud how good is their retirement until they live this kind of casual life for the rest of their life...

    It can either be temporary n eventually they go back to work, or maybe they are NOT EXACTLY retired (which they thought they r!),

  5. think is not about "really retiring" to slack at home whole day and do nothing.. most ppl idea of "retirement" is to be able to take off from work whenever they want and not have to work for money, but instead able to work because they want to.

    e.g ur wife may have "retired" since 1995, but if u had been able to do the same together with her and take care of your kids together with her whenever you want to and not be tied up by work, wouldn't that be a better choice ?


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