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Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Most Important Thing In "Retirement" - Naturally Awake Every Morning Without Setting Alarm Clock!!!

Uncle8888 will soon challenge the other half to see who will naturally awake later!

While Uncle8888 is typing, she is still sleeping. Naturally awake later!

Some said Auntie8888 looked younger and Uncle8888 looked older.  Sianz!

Actually, when we sleep well and awake up naturally, our body has completed all its cleaning and repair tasks. Right? Any Bio tutor to confirm?


  1. Its not how early u awake. The key is did u sleep well? Hahahaa

  2. Agree.
    i realise proper sleep is so "vital"
    It's already a habit after much practice.
    When i lay down on my bed, i always "meditate" to sleep.
    On rare occasion, i still can't sleep, i just get up and surf the net until i go to sleep again lol.

    The secret is no matter what, must learn to accept whatever comes into your life - "lock,stock & barrel".
    After all you can't change anything even if you don't accept.
    The irony or pardox is if you can accept, you can change to live a "happier life".


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