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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Is life sometime cruel to the innocent (naive, kiasi) when come to investment? (4)

Read? Is life sometime cruel to the innocent (naive, kiasi) when come to investment? (3)

Read? Believing Bullshit!

Why are many people in Singapore so gullible and still believing in Guru's Secret of Making Easy Money?

Read the above book on Chapter 2 to find out why?

Available in NLB.

Deadly Investment Sin #2

The "Guru" belief: if I can't predict the market, there's someone somewhere who can - and all I need to do is find him.

Deadly Investment Sin #6

The "System" belief: somebody, somewhere has developed a system - some arcane refinement of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, computerised trading, Gann triangles, or even astrology - that will guarantee investment profits.

Uncle8888's advice

If you are still believing in "Guru" easy money making system.

Go and read chapter 2 to find out yourself.


  1. I can confirm that many Singaporeans can be stupid when it comes to investing. That is why they are susceptible to being cheated. So many cases already. What to do? No Singaporeans would like to admit they are dumb. Big ego small brain.
    I am Singaporean by the way.

    1. From TKL's blog:

      A consumer attended a 3 day seminar and came out with this observation. He wished to warn gullible Singaporeans not to be taken for a ride.

      Read? Expensive Seminars
      and Wild Claims

  2. They say thinking is hard work. So many people like to pay someone to think for them. But they are really a lot of people who can't think properly when come to their financial life. i pity those people. Have you come across some in your family or next of kins? Of course you have.


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