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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Believing Bullshit! (2)

Just For Thinking ...

Read? Believing Bullshit!

The day Uncle8888 finally stopped Believing Bullshit!

Some time we ourselves are to be blamed for our own lack of commonsense and stupidity in Believing Bullshit and committing deadly investment sins.

Deadly Investment Sin #2

The "Guru" belief: if I can't predict the market, there's someone somewhere who can - and all I need to do is find him.

Deadly Investment Sin #6

The "System" belief: somebody, somewhere has developed a system - some arcane refinement of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, computerised trading, Gann triangles, or even astrology - that will guarantee investment profits.

But, the moment we woke up from our own stupidity; we will realise it can't be like that.

He or she can make thousands and millions of dollars by clicking here and there in the stock market; but have to play dirty trick and spent hours talking and explaining just to convince 20 to 30 naive people to pay $X,XXX for their trading course.

Doesn't make sense. Right?

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  1. I concur with TanKL remarks as follow as i had seen such 'rushing' in many 'talks'.

    "During the hype, the public are asked to sign up for the training courses, which usually cost $3,000 to $5,000 for a three day course. Those who are undecided may see other people rushing to the signing tables. These initial signers could be agents working for the presenters, whose role is to create a false impression about how good the course is."


    1. Correction:
      I concur with TanKL as I had seen such 'rushing' in many 'talks'

    2. Those older folks may recall in those days of medicine "koyok" sellers using "rushing" in buyers after their wayang demonstration of koyoks.

      Nowadays similar class of "koyok" sellers turn to selling "financial koyok"


    3. And you know what?

      The organiser 'chase' us out (for those who not buying). This is rute shock to me and I think they don't want us to see how they 'con' their prey.

  2. "they don't want us to see how they 'con' their prey.'
    Ha! Ha!
    i think they don't want to let those kena con see you how come you are not "conned"? The longer you stay, the higher the chance you may spoil the market ma! Imagine if some of the kena cons talk to you, it is a no no for the con artists.
    Just be careful, we may be victims too if conman knows how to use "hypnotism" on the fly.
    Run for your life then.

    1. Yes, yes... the only defend we have is avoid going to such 'talk'. then they have no chance to 'con' us. hahaha.

    2. How many people really have common sense?

      Like Chinese New Year, Lucky Lion Dance giving out 4D First Prize.

      Law of Large Number applied.

      Given enough number of lions giving enough numbers of XX88.

      Some Lions will get lucky and strike 4D First Prize and many more "naive" lucky followers will come again the next few years.


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