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Monday, 25 June 2012

Why are we blogging?

Just For Laugh ...

Why I blog? Read? The journal begins ...

Then after sometime, one blogger suggested to me: "You can collect money from ads. It is passive income,"


But soon, I realized that it doesn't seem working for me. Where is the money? So kacang!!!

Now, you can see that my blog has no commercial ads unless somebody willing to pay me upfront fee; otherwise no bother to email me. BTW, I am not your courteous uncle so don't expect any courteous email reply from me. I read. I buay song. I delete.

Like any public bloggers, sometime when we may write some "interesting" blog posts.

Anything that are publicly "interesting" by nature will draw strong emotional response from your public readers. They either love or hate that "interesting" blog posts.

When the hate becomes too much, who will they turn to? They will turn to the root cause of their buay song. Guess who get f..ked for nothing?

New bloggers may want to take note.

If you cannot take Sun-burn don't take up mid-day fishing as hobby! You kena choa ta for nothing because under hot sun, usually no fish one!


  1. uncle tio piak ah. i realise someone is firing at me in his last post haha.

  2. Even for fishing, if you keep doing it for long. One day, the fish also buay song and poke you. I was once poked by string-ray, cat-fish and scorpion-fish. Sting-ray's poke was the most painful one.

    When we want to song song and sing song; one day somewhere, sometime and some people will become sibei buay song, we will sure kena poked or get f..ked!


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