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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Four types of stock investors

Just For Laugh ....

There are four types of stock investors in the market.

1. Lazy, impatient, and non-savvy

The stock market loves them as they are ones who consistently donate part of their earned income from their jobs to the other savvy players in the stock market.

2. Hardworking, patient, and savvy

They are hardworking, patient, and savvy. They will analyse their companies upside down and inside out and paying attention to the finest details before committing their money to the stocks. They are value investors.

3. Hardworking, impatient, and savvy

They are hardworking, savvy; but impatient. Should we call them speculators?

4. Lazy, patient, and savvy

They are too lazy to analyse their companies upside down and inside out like value investors. They are the market hunters and fishermen. No meh???

The moral of story

There is only one way to lose your money but many ways to make money from the stock market.


  1. Ha!Ha!
    No 4 sounds like me. Actually hoh, i try to do my due deligence, but my limited education stop me from using alpha & beta or dig deeper like "value investors"
    So i think i am a "ROJAK" investor lol.
    How about you? Are you a "Rojak" or "Pure Value" investor?

    1. temperament. count me in haha. oh no, not investor i am, i am a rojak trader.

    2. Chinese Rojak or Indian Rojak?

      Chinese Rojak, you can't really choose much.

      Indian Rojak, you can choose what you like.

      he he

    3. ofcos Chinese Rojak, Indian Rojak nothing but flour flour flour, in different form and size.

    4. Chinese Rojak lah! "My tao pok, kay you char quay" Siok! Like buying SPH for its dividend and don't buy Wilmar, Olam & Noble. If you want, remember commodities are best for trading trading/speculation only. Maybe now you can buy a little. Pls remember i am a "ROJAK Investors" Caveat Emptor.

  2. sounds like a cat, don't we? haha


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