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Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Magic of Compounding???

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"Compound interest is the eighth natural wonder of the world and the most powerful thing I have ever encountered." ~ Albert Einstein Quotes

The Magic of Compounding really works for who???

The magic of compounding works well for lenders for secured lending financial products e.g. home loans and extremely well for threatening secured lending like Ah Longs.

Does this magic of compounding still work for good savers but poor investors?

Who is sitting at the other end of the compounding see-saw?

Big brother - INFLATION!!!!

Is inflation rate getting heavier or lighter for years to come???

We have little choice but invest more time and effort in getting ourselves heavier with investing knowledge and skills! Investing is not rocket science!!! We can all do it well if we are serious into it and willing to invest time and effort to fatten ourselves with investing fat and muscles.

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