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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Trade or Invest for income?

Just For Thinking ....

Read? Selling Weekly Options for Income???

Read? Does 3 strikes make a good bowler?

Like bowling, any bowler may get lucky sometime and get a few strikes in their games; but a professional bowler can consistently get strikes in any game. That is world of difference!

It is same as trading for income. It is a professional job and requires plenty of time, skills and knowledge to prefect it to be able to consistently make money from trading and generate a stream of income.

But, investing for income is a lot easier. You may just need to visit a handful of investment bloggers to get some clues on passive income investing and have some ideas on how to do it.

Investing for income

It is like cowboys buying a herd of cows for milk. Cowboys just care about the milk and don't seriously bother with daily market price of beef.

When the market price of beef goes up, do cowboys quickly slaughter their cows? No right?

When the market price of beef goes down, do cowboys  cow father cow mother? No right?

When the cowboys collect enough milk; they can then add more cows to get more milk.  Easier right?


  1. when a man is good, he is good. its precisely what i had in mind with investing.

    now is to put into practice, where can i get the cows? should i wait for the price of beef to go down?

  2. Ho! Ho!
    Not all cowboys are the same. Some will sell the less productive cow farms and switch to a more productive one. Best if this new cow farm is better managed and protected from wild animals. So some cowboys treat cow farms like any other types of farmings. There is always a time for planting and a time for harvesting. Always.

    1. ya, so wild animals are survival too, they must be doing something right.

    2. Agreed with coconut. Same as those who are still surviving in the market after so many years must be doing something right. Those not doing right have already chopped their fingers and promise never touch stocks anymore. Stocks are just too risky.

    3. Ya! i have a theory about newbies in the Market. If they can survive at least 2 B/B cycles, they should be able to survive for the rest of their life in the Market. Unless they do something stupid due to being too greedy like putting all their eggs in one basket, in the stock market.
      The famous Macao Stanley Ho's father supposed to go dead broke by doing just that. i am not sure about this story. But you can go and google to confirm.

  3. I did not buy the cows.
    I got lucky.
    Someone sold me a goose that lays $11k golden egg every month.

  4. Great thoughts. I am both hands up for the investment in cash flow. Investments should not have great stress and not affect our health too. Thanks for your thoughts and sharing.


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