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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Climbing your investing or corporate ladder?

Just For Thinking ...

Just how many of us can climb the corporate ladder up to top posts in the corporate world e.g. top senior management positions. Probably, just a handful of us.

How about retail investors climbing the investment ladder? How many of the retail investors can finally reach up to very top level of investing to build up a sizeable portfolio to fund their retirement cash flow?

BTW, which is the easier ladder to climb? Corporate or investment ladder? and why?

1 comment:

  1. WB's answer below:

    "If calculus were required, I (Warren Buffett) would have to go back to delivering papers. I’ve never seen any need for algebra. Essentially, you’re trying to figure out the value of a business. It’s true that you have to divide by the number of shares outstanding, so division is required. If you were going out to buy a farm or an apartment house or a dry cleaning establishment, I really don’t think you’d have to take someone along to do calculus. Whether you made the right purchase or not would depend on the future earning ability of that enterprise, and then relating that to the price you are being asked for the asset."

    There you have the answer.
    So don't say GOD is not FAIR.
    We are all make differently to succeed in our own ways.
    And you know i am only ITE (IT's The End)educated.Amen.


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