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Saturday, 3 March 2012

One category of Trading secret that will never be taught!

Just For Thinking ....

In the book - Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus .. one small section.

"For instance, I know one big trader who discovered some secrets in spread trading in Nikkei dollar-based and Nikkei yen-based contracts after operating hours. He made a lot of money from that and his clearing house manager discovered his profits. The trader was kind enough to tell him the secret and the clearing house manager told others about it to get them to trade. This big trader's strategy stopped working and stuck with overnight positions that he could not unwind. There are some secrets that cannot be taught because it will no longer work for you if others know about it. This is one category of secret."

So what is the Moral of the Story?

Trading is a highly competitive business and a zero sum game too. When a trader wins someone else must lose it. When the "Gurus" are willing to share their trading "secrets" publicly for a fee; it is likely that they no longer depending on these "secrets" to make a living as they have discovered a better non-trading secret to make even more and easy money by teaching you a secret that may no longer works as too many people have know about them. Get it?


  1. Replies
    1. empire struck back. but very true. never relave what you are trading.

      just like insurance, there are time where claims are made. you must know the limit. further more, co-relation of 2 counters will not always stay the same forever. its a strategy that will not work all the time.


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