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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dangers of High Debts and Low Margin

Beware of dangers of high debts and low margin - the Deadly Duo?

Marry The Guy Who Has 60% Sales Commission.

One day, I came to the Deadly Duo Road; which is well known that many people have been killed while trying to cross the deadly road. The death toll was worse during extreme bad weathers, many more were killed without knowing why?

While I was thinking how could I ever cross the road safely; then I saw a young man dash across the deadly road and followed by two old men crossing over it carefully.

I stopped the two old men and asked how long have they been crossing the deadly road?
The old men replied at the same time: "Since I was a young man."
The Deadly Dou Road is so famous for killing many who dare to try to cross it; and yet these two old men have been crossing it so many times and are still living well.
They must have master the Dark Art Of Crossing and I trust that they should be able cross it for a few more years.

Do you know who are the two old men crossing the Deadly Duo Road?

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