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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Are You Successful In Your Investment?

One should be measuring and looking at the result of the investment strategy and not the investing method. Does it really matter whether one invest in stocks, properties, watches, fine wines, precious metals, etc.

The investing method is just an investment vehicle to achieve your investment goal. It is the result of one's investment strategy that counts.

For example:

If A told us that he has doubled his investing capital in 10 years. We may think that it is not bad as his annualized ROC is 10%.

If B told us that he has doubled his investing capital in 2 years. That is really good. His annualized ROC is 50%.

You see the difference. The person who can acheive the most dollar in the least time is the better investor. So we should be measuring the investment yield in terms of returns per unit time over the investment period.

Did we really care what investing method A or B use?

By Larry Williams

Your fortune will come from your focus - focus on one market or one technique.

Looks at the great athletes - they focus on one sport. Artists work on one primary business, musicians don't sing country western and Opera and become stars. The better your focus, in whatever you do, the greater your success will become.

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  1. A great resource on Investing is a book titled, "The Best Real Estate Investing Method...Ever!" by N. Xavier Arnold.

    The book is for people who have not been successful using the "traditional" means available to them to learn how to invest in Real Estate.


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