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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Does Shorting always win in a bear market?

One honest Guru said that (still many gurus are not telling us much about their losses in shorting the market), he gave back huge bulk of his profits built thus far from the last plunge.

The only Gurus that never lose anything are those who no longer trade; but, just continue to sell and advise Magic Stone.

I always like to remind myself on this ...

Stock picking is part science, part art, part luck, part intuition, and always uncertain - "not precisely knowing."

There is no Holy Grail and Magic Stone on stock picking and will NEVER be as everybody has enough money to buy Magic Stone (but Sharks and Lions have plenty of automated computer aided Magic Stones), and once many people have the Magic Stone, it is not going to be effective as the Sharks and Lions are at the top of food chain will finally eat up those below the food chain such as sardines and zebras; and that is Law of the Jungle and Law of the Sea.

So those who does not know the skills of shorting, are you really worse off???? Think about it.

I think I am better off to be an American cockroach in active investing. Eat when there is "food" to be found, and can survive without "water" for 1 month and without "food" for 3 months. Have strong stomach to go empty and high level of pain threshold will help me through for years to come.

Or alternatively, think like property investors (not flippers) who will never see any unrealized losses throughout their holding period.

or like my late father-in-law he never, ever lost anything in his leftover share holding, and in fact his sons made some nice profit as they got these shares FOC from his will.

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